The Permaculture Education Center is an international for-benefit organization. All profits are used to support Permaculture demonstration and education projects around the world.


Alan Enzo, Ph.D., M.B.A. - Founder

Alan Enzo (known as “Enzo”) is an ecologist, economist, sustainable business development consultant, and a Permaculture Design teacher and consultant. He graduated from Ohio State University and holds a Ph.D. in Ecological Economics and an M.B.A. in Sustainable Business.

Enzo began his career as an Emergency Management Officer, leading and directing first-responders on oil spills, train wrecks, chemical disasters, natural disasters, and environmental remediation projects around the US. He was intimately involved in the response to Hurricane Katrina and many other state and federal emergencies.

Enzo received his Permaculture Design Certificate from the Mollison Permaculture Research Institute (the original Permaculture Research Institute (PRI) in Australia founded by Bill Mollison). He has received advanced training in natural building, agroforestry, food forest design, ecological economics, and ecovillage/intentional community design. He is passionate about alternative local economic systems, appropriate technology, agroforestry, and helping students and clients start their own businesses.

Enzo has over 28 years of experience in Permaculture Design, Ecological Restoration, and related disciplines.  He is the founder of Nashville Permaculture and the International Permaculture Education Center.


Steve Hart

Steve Hart has 50 years of experience in the design industry combining the disciplines of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Design through Permaculture Design. He trained directly with Bill Mollison and traveled extensively with him for many years, teaching Permaculture and consulting on Permaculture development projects. Steve has a visionary approach mixed with field practicality and a grasp for the big picture and all the elements that make up the whole.

Originating from New Zealand, Steve shares experience from many different projects on a wide scale, spanning several countries and environments. He is a natural networker - connecting with all people to advance collective positive outcomes. He is a very practical designer, passionate about organic solutions and connecting all layers of the community. Steve is not afraid of leading debates on any topic to whet the appetite of controversy, moving complacency on topics needing exposure, while considering principles before personal gain.

Steve is a lead faculty member and Instructor with the International Permaculture Education Center.


Steve Cran

Steve Cran is a Permaculture Aid veteran, teacher, social activist, climate change resilience specialist, and a very handy guy to have around after a natural disaster. With a 28-year career in Permaculture Design, Steve has directed the design of effective and sustainable recovery solutions for communities affected by natural disasters, war, or long-term poverty.

Steve has developed Permaculture projects in war zones, post-disaster zones, poverty zones, and in many difficult areas on this troubled planet where most people would not dare go. He worked directly with Bill Mollison and traveled with him for many years.  He became the world’s first “Permaculture Aid Officer”, training aboriginal and impoverished communities in Australia to solve their own problems. He has established Permaculture Training Field Schools and trained local leaders in several countries, including Timor Leste, Indonesia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the USA. Steve also works as an advisor to create resilience strategies for communities in the face of climate change.

Steve continues consulting and conducting training throughout Southeast Asia on Permaculture Aid field skills as well as Train-the-Trainer and youth programs.

Steve is a lead faculty member and Instructor with the International Permaculture Education Center.

Franziska Weissortel

Franziska Weissortel

Franziska holds a master’s degree in Environmental Planning and Ecological Engineering from the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

During her studies, she focused on climate change, environmental economics, and international land-use planning. She started working with NGOs in the field of waste management in Cameroon in 2013 and in 2016 she founded the project ‘Toranam’ that aims at helping farmers to mitigate and adapt to climate change using sustainable agroforestry and alternative marketing strategies in India.

Franziska has also worked as a carbon and energy analyst in Ireland and is passionate about working with local communities around the world on sustainable solutions that protect the environment while at the same time securing the livelihood of marginalized people.

Franziska is an Instructor and Marketing Coordinator with the International Permaculture Education Center.

Jessica Enzo

Jessica Enzo - Permaculture Designer, Lead Instructor, and Vegetarian Cooking Teacher

Jessica Enzo is a Permaculture Design teacher and consultant, and also a certified Health Coach specializing in Integrative Nutrition. She has a B. A. in History from Middle Tennessee State University and is a certified teacher. Jessica taught 6th-grade Ancient History from 2006 to 2010. She completed her Permaculture Design Certificate Course with Zev Friedman and Dylan Ryals-Hamilton in Asheville, NC.

Jessica has a love of natural landscapes and an eye for patterns and appropriate design. These skills drove her desire to study Permaculture, and she has developed into a great Permaculture teacher and designer. Her passion and desire are to demonstrate and share her love of Permaculture Design, Healthy Living, and Vegetarian cooking with as many people as possible.

Jessica is a lead faculty member and Instructor with the International Permaculture Education Center.


Martina Petru, Ph.D

Martina Petru has developed a career in Design Ecology from a background of plant biology and a Ph.D. in Plant Communities and Forest Ecologies. She founded the international NGO Ho Avy to further this work on the ground, building sustainable communities through the development of family nurseries. In combining the design philosophy of Permaculture, Martina recognizes the values in designing sustainable communities through the use of kitchen gardens, food production, and well-planned neighborhoods.

She is excited about combining all levels of the community through food gardens, either in the schoolyard or intensive broadacre systems. Martina shares the wealth of her native rural Southern Bohemia.

Martina is a lead faculty member and Instructor with the International Permaculture Education Center.

Ben Bishop 2

Ben Bishop - Permaculture Designer and Instructor

Ben Bishop is a Permaculture designer and educator based out of Nashville TN. Studying nutritional sciences at the University of Connecticut, he gained a deep understanding of the importance of fresh local food in the human diet. He has studied Permaculture Design in Tennessee, and with Stephen Brooks and Itai Dolev Hauben at the Punta Mona Permaculture Educational Center in Limon, Costa Rica.

Ben specializes in designing food-producing systems in urban and suburban settings focusing on low-input gardens, food forests, and water catchment.

Other Instructors, Designers, & Co-conspirators:


Katey Culver - Lead Designer, Instructor, & Consultant


Howard Switzer – Lead Designer, Instructor, & Consultant


Paul Freeman - Lead Designer & Consultant


Patricia Allison - Designer, Instructor, & Consultant


Adam & Sue Turtle - Designers, Instructors, & Consultants


Fred and Mary Beth Tanner - Designers, Instructors, and Consultants


Cindy Moonrose - Instructor & Consultant


Art Freeman - Lead Designer, Instructor, & Consultant


Stuart Moore - Designer & Consultant


Sunny Baer - Designer & Consultant


Kevin Phillips - Consultant


Brian Dugas - Consultant


Lawrence London - Consultant

and more to come!

If you are a Permaculture Designer with a PDC Certificate and significant experience and would like to teach with Permaculture Education or at live courses and events, please send us an email.

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