The Permaculture Education Center is an international project directed by Dr. Enzo, Jessica Enzo, and members of the Nashville Permaculture Guild:

Alan Enzo, Ph.D., M.B.A. – Director, Lead Designer, Lead Instructor


Founder – Permaculture Education Center and Nashville Permaculture

Dr. Enzo (also known as “Enzo”) is an award-winning researcher and consultant in Permaculture Design, Ecological Economics, Sustainable Business, and Emergency Management & Preparedness.  He is Director of the Nashville Permaculture Guild, and works on projects in Tennessee, North Carolina, and internationally.  He holds a Ph.D. in Ecological Economics, and an M.B.A. in Sustainable Business, and is a Mollison PRI-Certified Permaculture Design Teacher and Consultant.

Enzo began his career as an Environmental Remediation Project Manager, responding to oil spills, train wrecks, chemical disasters, factory explosions, and natural disasters.  He also worked in government as an Emergency Management Officer, where he was intimately involved in the responses to Hurricane Katrina, and many other state/federal emergencies.

Enzo has extensive experience in management and sustainability consulting for corporations, non-profits, universities, state and local governments, ecovillages, organic farms, and family homesteads.

Enzo received his Permaculture Design Certificate from the Mollison Permaculture Research Institute (the original Permaculture Research Institute (PRI) in Australia founded by Bill Mollison). He has received advanced training in natural building, agroforestry, food forest design, and ecovillage design. He is passionate about alternative local economic systems, appropriate technology, forest farming, and helping students and clients start their own businesses.


Jessica Enzo – Permaculture Designer, Lead Instructor, and Vegetarian Cooking Teacher

Jessica Enzo is a certified Permaculture teacher and consultant, and is also a certified Health Coach specializing in Integrative Nutrition. She completed her Permaculture Design Certificate Course with Zev Friedman and Dylan Ryals-Hamilton in Asheville, NC.  Jessica has a love of natural landscapes and an eye for patterns and appropriate design. These skills brought her to the study of Permaculture, and have helped her develop into a great Permaculture teacher and designer. She has a B. A. in History from Middle Tennessee State University, and is a certified teacher. Jessica taught 6th grade Ancient History from 2006 to 2010. Her passion and desire is to demonstrate and share her love of Permaculture Design, Healthy Living, and Vegetarian cooking with as many people as possible.


Ben Bishop – Permaculture Designer and Instructor
Ben Bishop 2

Ben Bishop is a Permaculture designer and educator based out of Nashville TN. Studying nutritional sciences at the University of Connecticut, he gained a deep understanding of the importance of fresh local food in the human diet. He has studied Permaculture Design under Cliff Davis of Spiral Ridge Permaculture in Summertown Tennessee and with Stephen Brooks and Itai Dolev Hauben at the Punta Mona Permaculture Educational Center in Limon, Costa Rica. Ben specializes in designing food producing systems in urban and suburban settings focusing on low-input gardens, food forests, and water catchment.


Other Instructors, Designers, & Co-conspirators:


Steve Hart – Lead Designer, Instructor, & Consultant
Art Freeman – Lead Designer, Instructor, & Consultant
Katey Culver – Lead Designer, Instructor, & Consultant
Howard Switzer – Lead Designer, Instructor, & Consultant
Paul Freeman – Lead Designer & Consultant
Patricia Allison – Designer, Instructor, & Consultant
Adam & Sue Turtle – Designers, Instructors, & Consultants

Fred and Mary Beth Tanner – Designers, Instructors, and Consultants


Cindy Moonrose – Instructor & Consultant


Stuart Moore – Designer & Consultant

Sunny Baer – Designer & Consultant

Kevin Phillips – Consultant

Brian Dugas – Consultant

Lawrence London – Consultant

…and more to come!



If you are a Permaculture Designer with a PDC and significant experience, and would like to teach with or at live courses and events in Nashville, please send us an email.