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All courses offered by are taught by certified and highly-qualified members of the Nashville Permaculture Guild.

Permaculture professionals operate world-wide in the form of “guilds”. A guild in this sense, is a professional association, that also serves as a regional forum for collaboration and mutual support of professionals in a particular field of endeavor.

In Middle Tennessee, the Nashville Permaculture Guild represents all professionals involved in Permaculture Design and related fields.

The guild includes professionals in the following key disciplines:

Permaculture Design Education

Permaculture Design Consulting

Organic and Natural Farming

Urban Farming and Community Gardens

Integrated Water Resources Management

Agroforestry, Orchardry, and Forest Gardening

Ecological Earthworks and Keyline Design

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Aquaculture and Aquaponics

Appropriate Technology

Natural Building and Sustainable Architecture

Renewable Energy and Off-Grid Systems


Ecological Economics

Community and Ecovillage Design

Wildlife Conservation

Ecological Restoration and Environmental Remediation

…and more.

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